Learning resources


These resources are designed to support a visit to The National 4: Australian Art Now. Each resource focuses on an artwork. They are written for primary and secondary level learners. The resources consist of inquiry questions, creative learning activities, reflection questions and optional extensions that can be done in gallery or after visiting the exhibition. 

Brenda L. Croft

Exhibiting at: Art Gallery of New South Wales

Create a photographic portrait of someone important to you inspired by Brenda Croft’s art practice.  

Jason Phu

Exhibiting at: Carriageworks

Build a collaborative sound and performance piece.

Julian Martin

Exhibiting at: Campbelltown Arts Centre

Make and play with shapes and forms to create a collection of drawings and portraits.

Lynda Draper

Exhibiting at: Campbelltown Arts Centre

Create a series of drawings inspired by sculpture. 

Mia Salsjö

Exhibiting at: The Museum of Contemporary Art

Create an artwork based on the Sydney Harbour bridge.

Simryn Gill

Exhibiting at: The Museum of Contemporary Art

Engage with Simryn Gill’s practice and research plants in your local area.

Thea Anamara Perkins

Exhibiting at: Art Gallery of New South Wales

Make an artwork about personal histories and photographic archive.