Learning resources

6 learning resources based on artworks by Khadim Ali, Zanny Begg, Emily Floyd, Dale Harding, Archie Moore and Justene Williams. 

Archie Moore - New Flags

This activity is designed to help students understand the power of symbols and develop empathy for people who feel misrepresented.

Responding to Archie Moore's United Neytions (2017) work in pairs to invent a flag based on a place that you know very little about.

Stages 3-4

Dale Harding – Telling Objects

This activity asks students to consider the possible effects of using objects with their own histories and stories in an artwork.

In creating Know them in correct judgement (2017), Dale collected information from his Mother’s family about their experience growing up on the Woorabinda Mission in Queensland. Dale visually translates these oral histories into an installation comprising sculpture and painting. Construct your own sculpture using information collected from family members or an adult at home.

Stages 3-4

Emily Floyd - Classroom Code

This activity encourages students to play with a system to abstract language and space.

In Kesh Alphabet (2017) Emily Floyd uses a letter from an imaginary alphabet created by the feminist science fiction writer Ursula K Le Guin. Create your own alphabet using the space of your classroom to encode each letter.

This activity can be undertaken individually, in small groups or as a whole class working together.

Stages 4-6

Justene Williams – Sounds Absurd

This activity leads students through a process of reinterpreting other peoples ideas and expressions to build an abstract and possibly absurd performance.

In A Metal Cry (2017), Justene Williams combines painting, sculpture and a customised piano with a performance by musicians, dancers, singers, and a gymnast. Follow the steps to create your own experimental performance. 

Stages 4-6

Khadim Ali – Evil Heros

This activity asks students to consider multiple points of view and the power of images to influence our opinions.

Khadim Ali creates visually intricate works that blend elements from historic Persian texts and poems with his own experiences living in Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan and as a refugee coming to Australia.

Stages 4-5




Zanny Begg – Know Your Power

This activity asks students to experience and reflect upon their own power in a collaboration.

Zanny Begg often makes art with people who are not artists. Collaborating with other people can be exciting but it is also difficult. Mastering collaboration involves a delicate balance of compromising, encouraging, speaking out and listening.

Stages 1 & 3